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    @gritek Farm management
    @gritek Contract farming
    @gritek Seed Production

@gritek Farm management

A complete on-line collaboration platform, between the R&D bodies, Policy makers and Farmers facilitating demand driven food production and Research & innovation.

@gritek offers an integrated agribusiness platform that is built to link all stakeholders and all aspects of agribusiness, from crop advisory to marketing produce; thus focusing on overall economic empowerment of the community and the nation at large leading to sustainable development.

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@gritek Contract farming

Integration of entire contract farming process onto a single platform, to optimize their functionalities, and improve profitability while reducing their time to market and development costs.

@gritek contract farming facilitates planning, tracking, monitoring of on-field and/or off-field activities through connecting farmer, farm, procurement, processing, supply chain and financial data management and analysis, which in turn supports data based quick decision making.

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@gritek Seed production

@gritek seed production enables integration of entire seed production process to single platform, optimize their functionalities, and improve product quality and marketability while reducing their time to market and development costs.

@gritek seed production enables information capture related to seed production activities in real-time with spatial view of field activities via geo-tagged farm lands, production planning and monitoring and real-time data analytics to support quick decision making.

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Our Services

As traditional agriculture moves into the future, it's important to have a partner like @gritek to integrate new technology with existing methods and architecture, to help farmers and growers gain total control over their land, crops and equipment. Bring your farm into the future with the help of our experts at Agrisutra.

Farming enterprise appraisal

Farm operation management & analysis

Farm accounting & record keeping

Supervision of farming practices

Crop production marketing

Crop / liability insurance

Frequent farm inspections

Crop advisory consultation

Crop input management

Compliance with government programs

Why @gritek

  • Enhanced productivity and profitability
  • Unified interaction platform with Farmers and other stakeholders
  • Ensured GAP compliance implementation through crop health monitoring and advisory
  • Farm personalized weather projection and actionable alerts
  • Record of activities involved - from ‘farm selection’ to ‘product harvest’
  • Access to entire on-ground information with detailed analytics and data driven decision making.
  • Reduction of Production costs and easy access to diverse marketing channels
  • Plan, schedule and distribute resources with ease
  • Harvest planner, Weather forecast, Inventory management
  • Crop yield predictions and enhanced visibility of the entire process
  • Online and offline product compatibility

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Our Team

Agrisutra is endowed with diverse teams rich in the understanding of agriculture, technology innovations, agribusiness and financial inclusion and a solid organizational structure that ensures professional governance. Our core team is comprised of industry experts with in-depth knowledge and expertise in conceptualizing smart agribusiness products designed and built on latest technology. Agrisutra professionals are dedicated to help the farming community meet the demand using software and analytics.